Our Tops Art4Kids Studio is centrally located in Seattle's Capitol Hill / Eastlake neighborhood

with Half Day or Full Day weeklong sessions.

Fused Glass and Ceramics

Week 1 |  June 25 – June 29

Ages 6–12

Morning 9am–12pm, $225

Location: Tops Studio


Learn to safely cut, shape and form glass based on your own designs. Be as abstract or realistic as you wish. Let the kiln do its magic and collect your treasures the next day. Turn a lump of clay into an engaging sculpture, from a personalized ceramic pinch pot to a mythical creature. After a glazing lesson, add the final touches and into the kiln they go!

Ages 6–15

Full Day 9am–3pm, $400

Location: Tops Studio


After the morning class, everyone gets a turn on the potter's wheel! Throw ceramic pots with expert guidance from our teachers. Learn how to make clay cooperate with your ideas through the use of pinch, slab and coil techniques.

Further explore the possibilities of glasswork. Make a 3D mold-formed glass slump in addition to your many 2D glass creations.

Ages 11–15

Afternoon  12pm–3pm, $225

Location: Tops Studio


Layering shape, line and color, your fused glass pieces take on an identity of their own. We'll safely cut, pop and grind glass until it is just the way you want it. Once you have learned the 2D methods, take it to the next level and make a 3D mold-formed glass slump. Transform a ball of clay into bowls, plates and mugs during your turn on the pottery wheel.

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